The Most Exciting NYC Restaurants Opening Soon: Oath Pizza

Each week, we’re giving you a sneak peek into New York’s future plans – the ones we’re really excited about. From restaurants to must-visit events and luxurious hotels, this city has so much in store for us and we’re sharing her secrets with you. This week’s restaurant is Oath Pizza – the only existing Certified Humane pizza restaurant in the country.


What started as a small seaside pizza shop in Nantucket turned into a Boston-based pizzeria with a cult following – the unique pizza crust and ethically sourced ingredients received high praise. Now, the pizzeria is quickly expanding across the US and making their New York debut on the Upper East Side.

Grilling and searing the dough in avocado oil makes Oath’s pizza crust thin and crisp, while the abundance of toppings lends some serious fun. You can create a selfie – a slightly differentone – choosing your sauce, toppings and drizzles, such as truffle, smoked bacon, and spicy aioli. But their signature pizzas are just as fun, including the Spicy Mother Clucker with spiced chicken and sriracha, The David with sweet Italian sausage and roasted mushrooms, and the Luau with BBQ pulled pork and fresh pineapple – don’t tell Italy. Try and save room for dessert though, because Oath Pizza also does a chocolate chunk cookie pizza…


Opening a pizza restaurant in New York is not easy (we’re definitely not giving up our favorite NY slice any time soon), but Oath Pizza is doing something entirely different. Certified Humane, vegan toppings and avocado-oil grilled crust? We think Oath Pizza will do just fine in their new home on the Upper East Side.

When will it open? May 2018