Top 5 Non-Touristy Places To Eat In Times Square 

For being the Crossroads of the World, one would think that there would be better places to eat. Instead, tourists are saddled with the depressing notion of choosing between a cavernous Hard Rock Café and pulling up a stool at Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen. (Also known as “Flavortown!” – exclamation included.) 

Thankfully, if one moves past the flashy three-or-so-block-radius that is Knockoff-Elmo-central, things get a lot betterThe crowds, noises and the neon start to fade away, and replaced with some genuinely great food options that can stand with some of the best in the city. Here are five of those tasty Times Square noshing options that aren’t Olive Garden:


Sushi Of Gari 46

Yes, it is possible to get quality sushi in Times Square (and no, you’re not going to find it at Red Lobster). Masatoshi Sugio’s midtown outpost of his sushi quasi-chain serves up amazing omakase (chef’s choice) as well as a robust a la carte and appetizer list for lunch and dinner. The hustle and bustle of midtown fades away in here, allowing diners to focus on what really matters: the fish. Reservations are usually a good idea, but boy, are they worth it. 

Sushi Of Gari 46, 347 W 46th St 

Xi’an Famous Foods

The Times Square outpost of this popular New York Chinese joint is always busy, but with good reason. Their hand-pulled noodles are as tasty as ever, and for the sake of variety, the menu throws a few burgers and salads into the mix. But it’s good to stick to the favorites: the spicy cumin lamb noodles are always delicious, and as far as Times Square prices go, one can find much higher-priced Chinese in the area with a fraction of the quality. 

Xi’an Famous Foods, 24 W 45th St 


Korean tapas? Is that really a thing? Well, yes, it is, and Danji proves it. The menu has all of the usual suspects – bulgogi beef sliders, Korean-style wings, scallion pancakes – but sidles a bit into adventurous territory as well (if Korean tapas weren’t adventurous enough for you already): cod roe and quail yolk over rice, whelk salad, and more. 

Danji, 346 W 52nd St 

Totto Ramen

Be prepared for a lengthy wait (and a bit of a walk from the center of Times Square), but also be prepared for some of the best ramen you’ll ever slurp. Japanese ramen is one of New York’s most popular go-tos – a local could probably name ten places off the top of their head – but Totto Ramen, which recently expanded to beyond New York, is still one of the best places to sit down and have a steaming bowl of the ultimate comfort food. Their chicken paitan is the classic go-to, and it’s hard to get much better. Do be warned, though: this place doesn’t take reservations, and takeout is forbidden, so your best bet to avoid a wait is to get here early. Don’t worry: it’s worth it. 

Totto Ramen, 464 W 51st St 


If you ever wanted to try the ‘local hangout’, you can’t do much better than MargonDuring the lunch rush, you’ll find a mélange of New Yorkers – men in business suits, construction workers, even the occasional off-brand Minnie – and very few tourists. This tiny Cuban counter-service restaurant is the definition of hole-in-the-wall, with an unassuming front and cafeteria-like interior. Its small space notwithstanding, Margon offers some of the best Cuban food in the area – from their medianoches and Cuban sandwiches to lunch specials piled high with meat, rice and beans. 

Margon, 136 W 46th St 

Bonus: The Rum House

Times Square has long been the flag-bearer for unbearably kitschy décor and gaudy consumerism, but walk a block or two to The Rum House and the old Times Square comes rushing back. If you’re craving classic cocktails, piano players, and stained-glass chandeliers but you can’t make it out of the Square, this spot needs to be on your list. Predictably, the rum-based cocktails are amazing, but so is everything else on the menu – and don’t forget to stay for the live piano music, which adds a touch of class to the proceedings. 

The Rum House, 228 W 47th St 


Words By: Emma-Louise Geary