Top 10 Places For A Quick Weekday Lunch in FiDi That Aren’t Dig Inn or Chop’t

 For far too long, the Financial District has been the Manhattan equivalent of a grilled chicken sandwich when it comes to food options: serviceable, but missing just a little something. Thankfully, though, that’s been changing in recent years, with a spate of new on-the-go dining options joining existing little-known gems for FiDi’s thousands of temporary weekday residents. Here are some of our favorites: 


Leo’s Bagels 

This is where in-the-know FiDi office workers go for their bagel fix. The menu board at Leo’s is intimidating – as it offers pretty much every edible substance under the sun – but stick to the classics and you’ll be fine. Leo’s Bagels gets mobbed during the breakfast rush (lines out the door are not unusual) but stays comparably tame during lunch hours and otherwise, because for some reason, we as a society have decided that bagels are breakfast food. Society can’t be more wrong. Try the lox, capers, cream cheese and tomato on an everything bagel. 

3 Hanover Square, 


Hudson Eats 

Remember the good old days when ‘food halls’ used to be called food courts? Us too. Pretension aside, Hudson Eats contains the following vendors: Blackseed Bagels, Blue Ribbon Sushi, Num Pang, Umami Burger, Mighty Quinn’s BBQ, and more – all located a stone’s throw away from the World Trade Center complex and the Oculus PATH station. 

Why are you still reading? 

Brookfield Place, 200 Vesey Street, 


Fraunces Tavern 

Surprise, surprise – this tourist attraction serves food too, who knew? And, as an added bonus, the restaurant is much less crowded during weekday lunches than you might think – which makes this the perfect place for a quick lunch meeting or a face-to-face with an all-important client. Their lunch menu features fish and chips, Cobb salad, pot pie, and other tavern mainstays along with some modern flourishes, like braised short ribs and organic salmon. 

54 Pearl Street, 


Bingo Deli 

In a city famous for its bodegas and deli counters, are you surprised that there’s a great one in FiDi? Come lunchtime, the workers behind the counter at Bingo turn into rapid-fire sandwich-making machines – and every one of them is fantastic. Best of all, prices are reasonable, a huge selling point when it comes to the Financial District. The sandwich menu is too long to list here (as expected of any deli worth its salt), but chances are, they can make your favorite – and a really good one, too.

77 Pearl Street #6 (website unavailable) 


Adrienne’s Pizzabar 

If you’re looking for great pizza in the Financial District, you can’t do much better than Adrienne’s, which doles out traditional thin-crust by the pie to tourists and locals alike. As an icing on the cake, the restaurant is located on historic Stone Street, which is worth exploring even if you’re not getting anything to eat. 

The only caveat with Adrienne’s is that they don’t serve pies by the slice; so if you’re craving some pizza here, you’re going to have to come with a group – or a huge appetite. 

54 Stone Street, 



If the words ‘plant-based’ strikes fear into your heart, maybe it’s time for a second opinion. Terri offers up vegan meals, smoothies and juices, and many of them might challenge your preconceptions of what vegan food can be. Try the BBQ pulled pork sandwich or the Philly cheesesteak, both made with seitan. 

100 Maiden Lane, 


Bonchon Chicken 

ThFiDi outpost of one of K-Town’s favorites, Bonchon serves up piece after piece of delectable, crunchy and perfectly tangy Korean-style fried chicken – or, as it’s popularly known, the better KFC. The interior is cramped and more than a little bit dingy; you’re better off getting your fried chicken order to go. Just be careful of your officemates trying to catch a whiff! 

104 John Street, 


Luke’s Lobster 

Practically a New York institution at this point (having started in the East Village), the FiDi outpost of this popular seafood shack is still one of the better places for a quick takeaway lunch, if you’re in the mood to splurge a little bit. People may rave about the lobster roll, but don’t sleep on the crab roll, either: a generous portion of buttered and seasoned crab on a perfectly toasted slab of bread. 

26 S William Street, 


Go! Go! Curry 

If traditional Indian cuisine is the extent of your experience with curry, prepare to be pleasantly surprised: Go! Go! Curry’s Japanese-style curry is much sweeter and more of a sauce to drench stuff with, like katsu, tempura, gyoza and other Japanese fast-food staples. Try the Grand Slam, which comes with everything but the kitchen sink. 

12 John Street, 


El Luchador 

Many of the other recommendations on this list come with the caveat, ‘in FiDi‘. However, with El Luchador, no such hedging is needed: this place serves up some of the best tacos in Manhattan, period. Their lunch special is also one of the better deals in the area, offering three tacos for 9 dollars. Combine with a bottle of Jarritos or a Corona for a perfect mid-day break. 

87 South Street, 

Pret A Manger 

Just kidding. 

Words By: Seung Park