The Best New Restaurants And Bars In The East Village

East Village is home to some of New York’s most sought-after dining destinations. It’s where David Chang launched his first Momofuku Noodle Bar, it’s where Prune remains as popular since the day it opened, and where you can enjoy top-quality dishes without breaking the bank. While you might be familiar with the neighborhood’s iconic eateries, this is our guide to the best new restaurants and bars in the East Village…

Emmy Squared East Village - pepperoni pizza

Emmy Squared

After introducing the city to Emmy Squared in Williamsburg, it’s only fitting the Hyland’s decided to bring their Detroit-style pizza to New York’s other decidedly cool neighborhood, The East Village. Besides the much-loved “Emmy pie” with banana peppers and the mind-blowing “Big Matt” burger, the East Village offers some exciting new additions to try. Taking inspiration from a New Orleans classic – the Muffeletta sandwich – the aptly named Emmyletta comes with mortadella, pepperoni and an olive salad, while a spicy Curry Row pie with peppers and cauliflower celebrates Indian cuisine. Oh, and it comes with chutneys for dipping, because there are no rules to this pizza-eating thing.

Emmy Squared, 83 1st Avenue, NY 10003 

886 - Lo Ba Beng


886 might be named after Taiwan’s country code, but their menu isn’t meant to be authentically Taiwanese. Here, chef Eric Sze gives classic Taiwanese flavors a contemporary twist, offering playful options such as a sausage party sandwich with sticky rice, pork lettuce cups, and “three-cup” glazed chicken wings. Most dishes lend itself to sharing, so bring your friends, order some sake and tuck in to a New York-style Taiwanese feast.

886, 26 St Marks Pl, NY 10003

Hunan Slurp Shop - interior

Hunan Slurp Shop

Hunan Slurp Shop is what happens when an artist and chef opens a Chinese restaurant – artistically plated dishes in an elegant space, a breath of fresh air in an area dotted with casual destinations. Chef Chao Wang seeks to cure his homesickness through cooking, dedicating a menu the Hunan Province of China, which is known for its abundance of rice noodle shops. Boasting a light texture, the delicate Hunan noodles, “mi fen”, are topped with many varieties of berkshire pork, as well as whole fish fillet, sliced beef or vegetables. Stop reading, and start slurping.

Hunan Slurp Shop, 112 1st Avenue, NY 10009

Le Sia

You’ll find more Chinese cuisine at Le Sia, though the focus is on a different dish, crawfish boils. A dish that has travelled from the Gulf Coast to China, and now, makes its debut in the East Village. The $15-per-pound crawfish (a steal in New York) is boiled in a herbal broth and served with your sauce of choice, including kimchi lime, pickled pepper, and soy sauce. You can also specify your level of spiciness (ranging from one to four), but be warned, these people are way more tolerant to spicy food. Pick two and you’ll still be on fire.

Le Sia, 11 E 7th St, NY 10003


Blue Quarter

Tucked away behind Middle Eastern restaurant Local 92, Blue Quarter feels slightly mysterious and exclusive, with its cozy dim-lit lighting and moody interior. Owner Max Green combines his love for tea and tipples behind the bar, crafting you cocktails such as the “Dragoon Punch” with brandy and black tea, or the “Soon To Ripen” with Scotch whisky, coconut water and earl grey. Next time you find yourself dining at Local 92, it would be rude not to finish with a cocktail (or two).

Blue Quarter, 92 2nd Ave, NY 10003

Momofuku Ko

David Chang’s Michelin-starred Momofuku Ko no longer needs an introduction, but the space recently welcomed a new intimate bar with an open kitchen. Functioning as a creative engine for the restaurant’s tasting menu, the chefs change the bar offerings on a daily basis, so you never know what you’re going to get. But of course, it’s always mindblowingly amazing, with previous standouts including a sourdough crepe with caviar, rice with smoked duck, and Japanese cheesecake for dessert.

Momofuku Ko, 8 Extra Pl, NY 10003

Featured image: Hunan Slurp Shop