The Best New Dishes To Try in NYC This August

The only consistency in New York is change – the city’s top chefs and restaurants constantly step up their game, rolling out new dishes every month to keep you coming back for more. This is our guide to the best new dishes to try in NYC this August…

The Sosta and Egg Shop - sweet corn carbonara

The Sosta

Nolita’s fast-casual pasta spot has kept things local for this month’s special, collaborating with chef and co-founder Sarah Schneider of neighborhood favorite, the Egg Shop. Sarah’s sweet corn carbonara is made with sweet corn gamelli, crispy prosciutto, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and of course, a perfectly poached egg on top.

The Sosta, 186 Mott Street, NY 10012

Dez - Main Dining Room


Just around the corner, Middle Eastern restaurant Dez has you covered for dessert: a new summery soft serve. Taking inspiration from a popular Isreali snack, a strawberry frozen yogurt base comes with strawberry and peanut butter bamba. It’s ok, you can have this any time of the day, not just after dinner.

Dez, 227 Mulberry St, NY 10012

Black Seed - pretzel bagelImage credit: Alex Ostroff

Black Seed

This month’s Black Seed collaboration feels like a celebration of New York’s most iconic foods – let me introduce you to the pretzel bagel. With help from the Frankies Spuntino Group team and chef Dianna Daoheung, the new custom-made pretzel bagel is topped with Frankies’ housemade mortadella, a fried egg and sweet and spicy mustard butter.

Black Seed, 170 Elizabeth Street, NY 10012; 20 Vesey Street, NY 10080; 176 First Avenue, NY 10009 

Murray's Cheese - pretzeletta

Murray’s Cheese

There’s plenty more pretzel, meaty goodness going on at Murray’s Cheese. The cheese shop has partnered with chef Matt Hyland of New York’s popular pizza restaurant Emmy Squared, bringing you a special pretzeletta. Served on a pretzel roll, the sandwich features ham, various salamis, Murray’s Cavemaster cheese and olive tapenade. If only they served this kind of pretzel everywhere in New York.

Murray’s Cheese254 Bleecker St, NY 10014

Pig Bleecker and Pig Beach - barbecue meats

Pig Bleecker

The upscale barbecue restaurant Pig Bleecker welcomes its sister spot Pig Beach, transforming into a more casual destination with a line-up of comforting classics. Think friend chicken sandwiches, the beloved Pig Beach burger (with white American cheese and a secret sauce) and barbecue-style nachos.

Pig Bleecker, 155 Bleecker St, NY 10012

Featured image: Black Seed by Alex Ostroff