Baci e Vendetta, New York, review

Review | Baci e Vendetta

Baci e Vendetta is a wine bar and trattoria that opened earlier this year in the East Village, serving Italian dishes, wines and brunch.

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Ambiance 5/5: The beautiful décor at Baci e Vendetta makes it stand out from other restaurants in the East Village. While there is a lot of a good food in this area, elegant spots are hard to come by. It’s nice we don’t have to walk to the West Village for once to find picture perfect marble tables, bronzed chandeliers and vintage ambiance.

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Food 4/5: The menu revolves around Italian food, with small plates to share, light salads and heartwarming paninis. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the menu expands to brunch, while still offering the smaller bites to share for those who can’t choose. The bruschetta, burrata and meat & cheese platter are Italian classics that pair well with a glass of wine (or two). If you don’t like sharing your food, we recommend devouring the challah french toast with nutella all by your self. It’s ok, we won’t judge you.

Drinks 4/5: There’s no shortage of Italian wines, beers and bubbles at Baci e Vendetta. Brunch wouldn’t be brunch without a cocktail, and their weekend brunch drink specials include a bellini, mimosa or bloody mary for five dollars. Drinks always taste better with witty names: foxy knoxy, writer’s block or bunga bunga bloody. Baci e Vendetta’s cocktails will have you laughing before you’re tipsy.

In a nutshell 4/5:
The charming decor and sharing concept at Baci e Vendetta makes it a great place to wine and dine with a group of friends or impress your first date.


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Words & Photography by: Siobhan Gunner