Burger Joint, Brooklyn, New York

New York’s Top 5 Openings This Week

This week the eclectic talents of New York’s food scene have really outdone themselves, from an upscale Indian spot to a swanky new bar and restaurant hidden within Grand Central Terminal – it’s all here, it’s all new and it just opened.

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Just Opened. 

Burger Joint

Burger Joint, Brooklyn, New York

What is it? The famous burger spot opens a new location in Brooklyn.

Why’s it unmissable? Burger Joint has proved its popularity in countries throughout the world and has been credited as being one of the first spots that started the burger-craze in NYC.

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rahi, greenwich village, new york

What is it? A new upscale Indian restaurant in Greenwich Village.

Why’s it unmissable? The flavors and techniques used in this kitchen are unlike most others you’ll sample in New York.

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Tramonti Pizza

Tramonti pizza, east village, new yor

What is it? A pizza spot in the East Village using the thousands-old recipes from Southern Italy.

Why’s it unmissable? The recipe used for their marinara is a thousand years old and the mozzarella comes from Tramonti (the area in Italy this place is inspired by).

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The Campbell

The Campbell, Midtown, New York

What is it? Grand Central Terminal’s famous bar and restaurant has had a re-haul.

Why’s it unmissable? The swanky decor, incredible food and great cocktails will make you feel like your anywhere other than a train terminal.

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Canal Street Market

Canal Street Market, Chinatown, New York

What is it? An epic food court in Chinatown’s Canal Street Market.

Why’s it unmissable? The plethora of eats on offer here are incredible from Korean BBQ to ramen and many more – you need to come here more than once.

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