New York’s Top 5 Openings This Week

It’s Thanksgiving so one can be forgiven for taking it easy this week but, elsewhere, on the New York City dining scene, chefs are still popping open restaurants for us to take advantage of once we feel that leftover turkey just won’t cut it anymore. Check out the 5 best openings to hit the streets this week.

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Darkside Bar

Darkside Bar, Soho, New york

What is it? A Star-Wars themed bar in the East Vilage.

Why’s it unmissable? If you’re a Star Wars fan, this place is unmissable. If you’re a fan of drinking, this place is unmissable.

Everything you need to know: Darkside Bar


Marcus B&P

marcus bp new jersey new york

What is it? A new restaurant from hit chef, Marcus Samuelson (Red Rooster), in New Jersey City.

Why’s it unmissable? Not only is this spot offering a new, Mediterranean-inspired menu that includes house made pastas and pizzas, there are also some of the chef’s hit dishes from his other places like fried chicken and his famous cornbread.

Everything you need to know: Marcus B&P



What is it? A fast-casual pasta restaurant in the Financial District.

Why’s it unmissable? Because it’s not your average quick-service Italian spot. It’s good quality, solid eats and there’s even a dish that is made up one 30-foot long pasta strand with meatballs.

Everything you need to know: EPasta


Butcher & Banker

bucher and banker, midtown, new york

What is it? A hot new steakhouse housed in a former bank vault.

Why’s it unmissable? The menu offers everything you’d want from a classic steakhouse and more. Not to mention the setting (being an old bank vault that hasn’t been seen by the public in 37 years) is also pretty cool.

Everything you need to know: Butcher & Banker



tomorrow, downtown, new york

What is it? A comfort Chinese food restaurant and takeout spot.

Why’s it unmissable? The pig ear in chile oil is what makes it unmissable – trust us.

Everything you need to know: Tomorrow