New York’s Top 5 Openings This Week

Anyone got a cream cheese craving? We’ve got just the spot for you. There’s also a hot new Peruvian-Japanese hybrid in Midtown that you need to go to before everyone finds out about it.

The Pool

What is it? A fancy new restaurant at the Four Seasons, Midtown.

Why’s it unmissable? For the show-stopping seafood displays, incredible bar and Insta-worthy bathroom mirrors. Yes, it comes with a price tag to match but this place is special.

Everything you need to know: The Pool

Sen Sakana

sen sekana, midtown, new york

What is it? A Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant.

Why’s it unmissable? As one of the most anticipated openings this year, this spot does not disappoint – come for a journey through a cuisine you’ve probably never tried.

Everything you need to know: Sen Sakana

Circa Brewing Co.

What is it? A sprawling 6,000 square foot brewpub in Brooklyn.

Why’s it unmissable? Because there’s a plethora of local beer options, incredible pizzas to dive into and the cocktails (many of which are infused with beer) are unmissable.

Everything you need to know: Circa Brewing Co.

Jing Fong

Jing Fong, Upper West Side, New York

What is it? Another location for the legendary Cantonese and dim sum spot on the Upper West Side.

Why’s it unmissable? The spot is legendary for a reason and now, fans have a new spot they can choose from when the original is fully booked!

Everything you need to know: Jing Fong

Becky’s Bites

What is it? A dessert store entirely dedicated to cream cheese. 

Why’s it unmissable? It has everything from sweet and savory goodies, bagels, to parfaits, to tiny tarts, and cookie sandwiches, all locally sourced and all focused on one thing – sweet, sweet creamy cream cheese!

Everything you need to know: Becky’s Bites