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New York’s Top 5 Openings This Week

New York’s gone luxe this week with the opening of a Champagne parlor. The Lower East Side has gotten even more foodie with the addition of three new spots. And Michelin-starred dining just got affordable in Brooklyn.

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Camperdown Elm

Camperdown Elm, Brooklyn, New York

What is it? Fine-Dining chef, Brad Willits’ new restaurant in South Slope.

Why’s it unmissable? Because it’s Michelin-starred food without the price tag.

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Minnie's, lower east side, new york

What is it? A new restaurant on the Lower East Side inspired by owner, Millie Stallings’, family.

Why’s it unmissable? Because there’s “Pink Cake” (a Stallings birthday staple) and homemade cookies baked by Millie’s younger sister for dessert.

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cervos, lower east side, new york

What is it? A new Mediterranean spot on the Lower East Side.

Why’s it unmissable? Because their insane menu will transport you to the coasts of Portugal and Spain with every bite.

Everything you need to know: Cervo’s

Air’s Champagne Parlor

What is it? A slice of Parisian heaven in NYC.

Why’s it unmissable? The focus of course is the Champagne however, the food is equally luxe – come here if you want to feel fancy.

Everything you need to know: Air’s Champagne Parlor

Public Kitchen

public kitchen, lower east side, new york

What is it? The latest restaurant from NYC Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who has 14 other restaurants in NYC and Hamptons areas.

Why’s it unmissable? The all-day menu has got all forms of deliciousness covered from morning through night – and it’s affordable too.

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