Arlo Roof Top - cocktail

New York’s Latest Restaurant Openings (May 18)

This week’s unmissable restaurant openings in NYC, from an exciting new wood-fired restaurant by renowned chef David Burke to a famous Guyanese spot in Brooklyn – we’ve got all the details on the city’s top openings.

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Woodpecker by David Burke-Pizza

Woodpecker by David Burke

What is it? A wood-fired American restaurant in Nomad/Koreatown

Why’s it unmissable? David Burke is a legendary chef, and there’s a lobster calzone on the menu…

Everything you need to know: Woodpecker by David Burke

German's soup - soups

German’s Soup

What is it? A Guyanese restaurant in Brooklyn

Why’s it unmissable? The restaurant is famous in Guyana

Everything you need to know: German’s Soup

Arlo Roof Top-rooftop space

Arlo Roof Top (A.R.T.)

What is it? A new rooftop bar at Arlo Hotel in Soho

Why’s it unmissable? Bartender Milos Zica – previously of Employees Only – is offering new signature cocktails

Everything you need to know: Arlo Roof Top (A.R.T.) 

Hunan Slurp Shop - Vegetarian dish

Hunan Slurp Shop

What is it? A Chinese noodle restaurant in the East Village

Why’s it unmissable? The menu includes inventive dishes, such as five-colored dumplings made with vegetable-based dyes

Everything you need to know: Hunan Slurp Shop

Emma's Torch - small plate

Emma’s Torch

What is it? A seasonal American restaurant in Brooklyn, by culinary training program Emma’s Torch

Why’s it unmissable? Emma’s Torch helps refugees gain experience on the job

Everything you need to know: Emma’s Torch