Smor - smoked salmon

New York’s Latest Restaurant Openings (March 8)

This is where we round up New York’s best new restaurants and bars. Consider it our mission to handpick the best food and drink that the city has to offer, then tell you lot about it – we’ll keep you in the loop.

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Smor - food spread

What is it? A Danish café in the East Village

Why’s it unmissable? Smør serves traditional Danish treats such as smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches with toppings such as smoked salmon and potatoes)

Everything you need to know: Smør


LEYLA - short rib and vegetable pides

What is it? A Mediterranean restaurant on the Upper West Side

Why’s it unmissable? LEYLA focuses on hearty dishes such as pides (flatbreads wrapped in minced meat or veggies) – perfect for this cold weather

Everything you need to know: LEYLA

Sushi Lab

Sushi Lab - salmon sushi

What is it? A sushi concept inside The Sanctuary Hotel

Why’s it unmissable? Sushi Lab serves sushi with a twist

Everything you need to know: Sushi Lab

Mister Paradise

Mister Paradise - Shooters

What is it? A cocktail bar in the East Village

Why’s it unmissable? Mister Paradise serves high-end cocktails at an affordable price

Everything you need to know: Mister Paradise


FryGuys - bucket of fries

What is it? The re-opening of East Village’s fry shop

Why’s it unmissable? They’ve got a brand new menu

Everything you need to know: FryGuys

Featured image: Smør