New York’s Best Openings This Week

Build-your-own salads, exciting new Mexican food and a Bob’s Burgers-themed pop-up? Here are the unmissable openings this week.

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7 Days of Bob’s Burgers at Chef’s Club Counter

What is it? A Bob’s Burgers-themed pop-up by chef Alvin Cailan at Chef’s Club Counter.

Why’s it unmissable? There’s a different themed burger every day until the 24th, and proceeds go to the LA Fire Dept to help them combat wildfires in the area.

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La Lonchería

What is it? A Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn.

Why’s it unmissable? It’s inspired by the casual lunch restaurants of Mexico City, with a focus on flavor-filled tortas and tacos.

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Minigrow Broadway & Minigrow 7th Avenue

What is it? Two new locations for the fast casual salad and noodle bar.

Why’s it unmissable? The menu focuses on complementary flavors, and the assembly line format means you can create your own delicious dishes.

Everything you need to know: Minigrow