New York’s Best Openings This Week (Feb 16)

This week’s unmissable restaurant openings in NYC…

Be First.

Just Opened.



What is it? A Mediterranean fusion restaurant in Manhattan.

Why’s it unmissable? Every dish is 100% Kosher, and the restaurant is visited daily by an inspector to ensure the standards are being upheld.

Everything you need to know: Basta

MáLà Project

What is it? A second location for the Chinese dry pot restaurant.

Why’s it unmissable? The new location has a lunch menu of individual bowls as well as their more communal DIY evening menu.

Everything you need to know: MáLà Project


Quality Eats

What is it? A third location for the steakhouse in Nomad.

Why’s it unmissable? Creative cocktails include whiskey with house-made cotton candy.

Everything you need to know: Quality Eats

ICYMI… Tacombi Empire State Building

What is it? A new location for the traditional taqueria.

Why’s it unmissable? They have an in-house tortilleria, where their tortillas are made fresh every day.

Everything you need to know: Tacombi Empire State Building

Featured image: Quality Eats