The Aviary, Columbus Circle, New York

New York’s 5 Best Openings This Week

Let’s hear it for the weekend! And boy, have we got plans for you. We’ve got not one, but two legendary spots that have landed in New York this week and they’re everything you’ve been waiting for.

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Hwa Yuan Szechuan

hwa yuan, chinatown, new york

What is it? The reincarnation of a legendary spot in Chinatown that’s now been reopened by the previous owner’s son.

Why’s it unmissable? Because this family knows how to do good Chinese food. They’re responsible for Shorty Tang in Chelsea and now, they’re responsible for your next go-to spot in Chinatown, Hwa Yuan Szechuan.

Everything you need to know: Hwa Yuan Szechuan



BYGGYZ, Lower East Side, New York

What is it? A new super-sandwich store on Clinton Street on the L.E.S.

Why’s it unmissable? Because they guy behind it is none other than Dewey Dufresne (a.k.a the father of Wylie Dufresne of Du’s Donuts etc) and he is the godfather of great things.

Everything you need to know: BYGGYZ


Lil’ Gem

lil-gem-lower east side, new york

What is it? The latest restaurant from Melissa O’Donnell that is replacing her former spot, Thelma on Clinton.

Why’s it unmissable? The new spot is focused around the owner’s love of Lebanese food – it’s shareable, interesting and damn tasty.

Everything you need to know: Lil’ Gem


The Aviary

The Aviary, upper west side, new york

What is it? One of the most exciting cocktail bar openings of 2017.

Why’s it unmissable? The Aviary has made a name for itself in Chicago and now, us New Yorkers are lucky enough to have it over here too. The cocktail program is innovative, expressive and something that we all must experience at some point in our lives.

Everything you need to know: The Aviary



&pizza astor place new york

What is it? The second location for the hit pizza joint.

Why’s it unmissable? Because their oblong pizzas are unlike most others, cook in under 2 minutes and you can customize them as much as you like.

Everything you need to know: &pizza