New York’s Latest Restaurant Openings (March 2)

This week’s unmissable restaurant openings in NYC…

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What is it? A spicy ramen restaurant in Greenwich Village

Why’s it unmissable? It’s the first spicy ramen restaurant in New York

Everything you need to know: Karakatta


Bar Belly

What is it? A cocktail and oyster bar on the Lower East Side, formerly known as Leadbelly

Why’s it unmissable? There’s a daily happy hour with $1 oysters and half-priced drinks

Everything you need to know: Bar Belly


Daa! Dumplings

What is it? A Russian dumpling restaurant in Turnstyle Underground Market

Why’s it unmissable? Handmade khinkali (Georgian soup dumplings) – enough said

Everything you need to know: Daa! Dumplings

Bombay bread bar

The Bombay Bread Bar

What is it? A new Indian restaurant by Chef Floyd Cardoz

Why’s it unmissable? Who doesn’t love naan breads with chutneys?

Everything you need to know: The Bombay Bread Bar



What is it? A café and restaurant on the LES

Why’s it unmissable? Chef Flynn McGarry is only 19 years old

Everything you need to know: Gem



What is it? A Japanese kaiseki restaurant underneath Tetsu 

Why’s it unmissable? It’s helmed by three Michelin-starred Chef Masa Takayama

Everything you need to know: Basement



What is it? A new location for the award-winning bakery

Why’s it unmissable? Throughout the opening month, they are giving away baked goods

Everything you need to know: Ovenly

Featured image: Karakatta