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Upstate Getaway: The Brampton Lodge & Experience

Why wait for the weekend for a sweet Upstate getaway? At Just Opened, we want you to have a good time – any day of the week.

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Our friends at The Brampton Lodge & Experience now include mid-week Summer packages along with their usual weekend packages, offering a special 20% discount for Just Opened subscribers. Avoid the crowds, miss the traffic, have Lake George and picnics by rivers to yourself. Or, if you work in a team and want to brainstorm in the woods rather than a conference room, they cater for that too. Google says our best ideas happen when we change our surroundings – especially in the Great Outdoors. But then again, what do they know?

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If you have never ventured Upstate, The Brampton would love to play host. The team will drive you in a van from Manhattan to the lodge – which can sleep up to 24 people – organize a chef, make sure the fridges are stocked with wine and beer, and lead all the amazing activities. Yes, you can swap the hustle and bustle from the city for an Upstate adventure, without having to lift a finger.

If you want to know more, visit their website or send an email to [email protected]

Featured image: The Brampton