Just Opened Getaways: Ranchlands

You know how much we love it here in NYC – especially the great places to eat and drink. But every so often, it’s nice to take a few days to get out of the city and experience some of the great outdoors – and we think you deserve a break, too.

Ranchlands Camp is based at the Chico Basin Ranch, a working cattle ranch located on the high prairie of Eastern Colorado. This is an immersive holiday – with a maximum of six guests, it’s an intimate experience and you’ll take part in daily ranch work or workshops while you’re there (they recommend all guests have previous riding experience).


Image credit: Madeline Jorden

The ranch work, part of their Working Ranch experience, includes sunrise rides out to gather and sort cattle, monitoring grass growth and branding, as well as fixing tack in the leather shop – you can make some to take home, too. It beats a postcard, doesn’t it?

You can also help care for the animals and train horses, as well as working on fencing, water infrastructure and other conservation work, so you’ll experience all the aspects of a modern day working ranch.


Image credit: Joe Haeberle

There are more specific workshops on offer, too – take the Horsemanship course with two-time World Champion Extreme Cowboy Cameron Schryver (Coolest. Job. Ever) and learn to forge a deeper connection to the horse, or sign up for one of the new painting courses with artist Jill Soukup and commit these beautiful animals to paper.

We know, we know – it sounds like a lot of work for a vacation, but there are plenty of leisure activities too, taking advantage of the beautiful, unspoilt surroundings. You’ll find hiking, fishing and birding opportunities, and the ranch features a spring-fed lake and wetland that is the perfect place to sneak an afternoon nap or watch the wildlife.


While you’re there, you’ll stay in either the newly renovated lodge or a private, fully furnished tent, depending on the experience you choose. All meals are provided by the ranch, with lunches either eaten at headquarters or carried on your saddle if you’re out during the day. Dinner is eaten in the home of a different ranch member every night to further enhance the cosy and intimate atmosphere of your stay.


Image credit: Madeline Jorden

Beachside vacations are all well and good, but when city life gets you down, we think there’s something to be said for really experiencing a new way of life in natural and beautiful surroundings, and getting to know new people as they go about their daily lives and work – especially the World Champion Extreme Cowboy.

Ranchlands, 22500 Peyton Highway South, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80928

Feature image credit: Kate Matheson