Interview: Two Forks NYC

There’s always been an abundance of awesome fast food available in this fast city but how much can we get through without compromising our health? Well, a new opening that launched just off Times Square a few weeks ago by the name of Two Forks, now offers New Yorkers fast food with a twist – it’s been slow cooked. That means you can say goodbye to compromising your health when you only have time for a five minute lunch break as these guys have taken care of all of the work before you’ve even walked through the door. We sat down with co-founder and chef, Michael Kaplan, to ask him a little more about the new opening:


Have you always worked in the food/restaurant industry?

I have always been involved in the food and restaurant business.  I learned at an early age that my passion for the culinary arts and restaurant business was an immediate love affair.  After working for several New York City restaurants, I left to work as a personal chef for a prominent New York family.  Although I enjoyed my time there, I always knew that restaurants were where I felt most at home.


How did the idea for Two Forks come about?

The idea for Two Forks came about after a family BBQ.  I had pulled some rib meat off the bone to make a sandwich, and ended up making pulled rib sandwiches for everyone at the table. I immediately shared the idea with Dave and after discovering we both had a mutual love for tender, slow roasted meats, we decided pursuing Two Forks might be a good idea


You’ve been open a few weeks now, what do you think have been the biggest learnings at Two Forks in your first few weeks of operations?

Our first few weeks of operations at Two Forks have been exciting to say the least.  We were surprised by the overwhelming support from the local business community and Bryant Park’s reaction to having us as a new neighborhood lunch option.  We are certainly learning the demands of our guests and how much they like their extra avocado!


What is the importance of incorporating slow cooked food in our diets?

After learning how much we both loved slow roasted meats, we decided to research a little more into the cooking process and were pleased to learn of all the proposed health benefits of incorporating a slow cooked diet into our daily routines: Omitting high heat and open flames, as well as smoke, can often reduce the risk of carcinogenic properties absorbing into our food and ultimately providing less nutrients into our diets.  Not to mention, a slow, gentle cooking process really lets the natural flavor of the meat shine through.


How do you ensure that Two Forks will compete in the New York food scene successfully and not get forgotten?

The restaurant business is tough, and we are certainly no strangers to this!  We try our best to listen to those who come into Two Forks, our staff, and all those around us to improve our brand every single day.  Although Two forks is new to the fast casual landscape, we believe our quality, consistency and hospitality will keep our guests coming back and help spread the Two forks name across NYC.


What does the future hold for Two Forks?

It’s certainly our goal to expand Two Forks and scale this amazing brand.  But as of right now, we want to make sure to continue our goal in making food that is cooked slow and pulled fast!


Tell us something that no one else knows about Two Forks (this could be a secret recipe, a funny story behind the brand or recipe process etc)

Our logo for Two Forks used to only have one fork.  One day, a customer in our coffee shop, Stone Street Coffee Company, asked us “Why does your logo only have one fork when your name is Two Forks?” We panicked and immediately changed the logo that night.  We still aren’t sure why we ever thought one fork was a good idea.


Words by: Emma-Louise Geary