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Interview: Restaurateur & Designer Phil Winser

This week we interview the co-owner of the hugely successful hospitality group Silkstone: Phil Winser. He’s the designer and creative mind behind many great venues in New York, including Ruschmeyers, The Fat Radish (co-founder), Bar Belly (co-founder), and The East Pole. Did we mention he recently launched a healthy fast-food brand, called Tyme?

What dish embodies New York/London, and where do you get it?

In New York, bagels with lox and cream cheese from Russ and Daughters on Houston street. It’s been on my walk to work for ten years.

In London, it was sausage and mash on Portobello road at a spot called S and M, but I think it’s gone now. When I fly in from New York and I feel like treating myself, I like having kedgeree (curried rice with smoked fish and boiled eggs) for breakfast at The Wolseley.

East Pole-Bar

What opening have you been most excited about in New York (in the last six months or so)?

The amazing designers Roman and Williams opened an amazing shop – The Guild – and it has a great cafe called Le Mercerie.

Describe your dream restaurant in just a few words?

I love restaurants that really make you feel at home, rather than in a restaurant. Preferably somewhere that has no menu, they know your name when you arrive and forgive you if you forget your wallet, and the lighting is just right.

the east pole-interior

What is your go to cocktail and where? 

A dry Martini at the Bemelmans Bar inside The Carlyle hotel, and I order the same drink at Dukes in London.

What do you love most about Just Opened?

 The CEO – haha. Honestly though, as a restaurateur, I’m so often asked by friends coming into town where to go and while I have my favorites, I always recommend going to Just Opened because it does the leg work for me. I also do like the CEO.

The Fat Radish-cooking

What openings coming up are you excited about?

 In New York, I’m looking forward to the Chelsea Hotel reopening, when it finally does (the renovation of the famous hotel started back in 2011).

My friend Charlie Gilkes has amazing fun spots in London like Mr. Foggs. I always love going to the opening of any of his places whenever I’m in town – I am sure he’s got something exciting happening soon!

What’s your one secret to traveling?

I have two: travel light, and dress up a bit.

What’s your secret tip to a good night out?

Just go with the flow. 

Which area in New York is going to be the next cool destination for going out?

With the L train closing, I think your going to see restaurants and bars popping up more along the New York ‘G’ train. It started a while ago in Greenpoint, but it will extend into Queens!

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Featured Image: Phil Winser