Interview, Kristen Tomlan, New York

Interview: Kristen Tomlan | Cookie DŌ NYC

If you are not yet one of Cookie DŌ NYC’s 115k Instagram followers, you need to be. Since the raw cookie dough concept launched online a few years ago, it has taken sweet-toothed fans by storm forcing owner, Kristen Tomlan, to finally open her first brick-and-mortar store earlier this year. Here, she chats to us about how it all began and how she makes raw cookie dough so accessible:




Cookie dough is probably one of the best and most popular guilty pleasures out there – how do you make it not quite so guilty (or at least something that won’t make us sick)?

At DŌ we use a pasteurized egg product and heat treated flour to ensure that all of our cookie dough is safe to eat. We want to create a product that cookie dough lovers can enjoy without feeling guilty or worried about indulging!


What was the thinking behind the brand? How was DŌ born?

I have always loved cookie dough but my “light bulb moment” was when I was out with my girlfriends in Philadelphia. We went to this cute cookie shop and decided to forego the fresh cookies and buy some of their unbaked cookie dough. We then sat in our car passing around a tub of cookie dough and I thought, “why is this not a thing?”




When did you decide that this was big enough to turn into a real store in NYC?

Originally, we had a kitchen in Midtown that serviced our online business and we had a small walk-in clientele. The storefront was my original vision for DŌ and with a multitude of requests for fresh offerings and flavors, we felt it was time to take a leap and open a real store.


Starting off as an online platform, DŌ has garnered a serious following – what do you think it is that keeps you so popular?

Everyone loves cookie dough, but always told the ingredients were dangerous. By creating a dough that is 100% safe to eat, we are allowing people to relive their childhood fantasy and finally enjoy dough straight from the mixing bowl. DŌ is also the first of its kind. There is nothing like it out there! Plus the colorful varieties have become a magnet for social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.


What does the future hold for DŌ?

We hope to keep growing DŌ and open more stores across New York City and the U.S. As always, we are turning to the kitchen to refresh recipes and give customers a new and fun experience each time they visit the shop.




What about NYC do you think is so exciting for new business owners right now?

In my opinion, New York is home to some of the best food in the world and that includes sweets. Here, we have access to some of the top chefs, bakeries, and people all of which we look to for inspiration. Also, New York City is a destination for all – so it’s amazing to have the ability to share our creations with people from all around the globe.


Can you tell us something about DŌ that no one else knows?

We were certainly not expecting the response we got, and I hadn’t had the chance to hire our full staff to handle the demand, so the first weekend we were open my entire family was working – front and back of house! All 3 siblings, my parents and my brother-in-law flew in to pitch in and help – thank god!                                                                                       

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Words by: Emma-Louise Geary