Frieze New York-The Arab Apocalypse

Frieze New York

Bringing together more than 190 galleries from 30 countries, Frieze New York is back to showcase work from the world’s most notable artists, as well as a series of talks and performances. Located on Randall’s Island Park, the seventh edition of Frieze New York offers newly curated sections and programs, featuring both new talents and influential artists of the 20th century. This is everything new you need to know…

Frieze New York-The Striped Blanket

Inspired by protest and collectivity, the new program “Live” features performances and interactive installations throughout the fair, including work from Renée Green (Galerie Nagel Draxler) Alfredo Jaar (Galerie Lelong & Co./Goodman Gallery) and Dave McKenzie (Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects) – curated by Adrienne Edwards.

Frieze New York-Harlan

Paying homage to art dealer Hudson and his gallery Feature Inc., the fair introduces its first-ever themed section – For Your Infotainment. Curated by Matthew Higgs, the new section showcases major artists who received their gallery debuts at Feature Inc. in the 1980s and ‘90s.

Brought to you by Toby Kamps, the art fair’s section dedicated to 20th century pioneers – Spotlight – is back with even more programs this year.

the fat radish-seasonal dish

Similar to previous editions, Frieze New York welcomes the city’s favorite restaurants and foods, including Roberta’s pizza, seasonal dishes by The Fat Radish, and a full-service dining restaurant by Frankies Spuntino. Lighter options are also available, such as Court Street Grocers’ freshly made sandwiches and TYME’s inventive salad jars.

Frieze New York, 20 Randall’s Island Connector, NY 10035

Preview days May 2–3, public days May 4–6, 2018.