kish-kash - three lemon chicken

The Most Exciting NYC Restaurants Coming Soon: Kish-Kash

Each week, we’re giving you a sneak peek into New York’s future plans – the ones we’re really excited about. From restaurants to must-visit events and luxurious hotels, this city has so much in store for us and we’re sharing her secrets with you. This week’s restaurant is Kish-Kash – the newest project from the chef behind New York’s beloved falafel joint Taïm, Balaboosta and Bar Bolonat.

kish-kash-couscous dish

While chef Einat Admony has been expanding her falafel empire – Taïm recently opened in the new Urbanspace food hall – a new restaurant dedicated to couscous is also on the horizon. If you’ve dined at her Middle Eastern spot Balaboosta, you might be familiar with her couscous skills. The menu includes two varieties, one in which “brick chicken” is served with Israeli couscous, dried apricots, leeks and gremalota (a garnish made with garlic, lemon, and parsley), while a butternut squash dish features a crispier couscous. It’s a taster for what’s coming at Kish-Kash.


Having grown up in Tel Aviv, chef Einat wants to bring traditionally prepared Israeli couscous to New York, made with a special two-part food steamer (a couscoussier) and a tamis (a drum sieve) to pass the couscous through. Rolling the grain by hand and slowly adding water takes up to three hours, which explains why many restaurants in New York prefer instant couscous.

At Kish-Kash, the fluffy couscous will be served with various toppings, including three-lemon chicken with olives, brined fish and mafrum (potato stuffed beef). Located in the West Village, the casual restaurant will feature warm colors and a big communal table, transporting everyone to a Shabbat dinner in Israel.

Featured image: Kish-Kash