Brave New World Alain Pino - Rookie

Brave New World

Toth Gallery welcomes its newest exhibition: Brave New World.

Showcasing works by Havana and Miami-based artist Alain Pino Hernandez – formerly part of the artist collective The Merger – Brave New World is the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York.

Alain Pino Brave New World - Survival

Addressing social and political events – seen both in his hometown Camagüey and beyond – Pino marries paintings and photography in his installations, using visuals from the news and the street, as well as historic materials.

Alain Pino Brave New World - Controlling Vectors

His focus is often the individual, featuring mysterious and strange-looking characters – often androgynous and planted in situations that are ambiguous – as it’s only through the individual that we can notice the social change in daily happenings. The result is hybrid pieces of art that speak volumes, made with large formats watercolors on arches paper.

Alain Pino Brave New World - Drowned Lady

In Brave New World, Pino touches on issues such as the financial markets, cryptocurrency and sonic attacks, without overwhelming us thanks to the lightness in his work and a dose of humor. Held at Toth Gallery on the Lower East Side – a new gallery dedicated to telling the stories of Cuban artists – the exhibition is open from June 1 to June 24, 2018.

Toth Gallery, 195 Chrystie St, NY 10002

Featured image: Brave New World