Just Opened Meets: Eating NYC

In this series, we delve into the lives of some of New York’s best-informed food and drink bloggers. We’re asking about what’s new and exciting on their foodie radar, as well those old favorite haunts they just keep going back to.

This week, we meet Alexa Mehraban, the founder of Eating NYC.

Tell us a bit about Eating NYC how long have you been doing this and how did you get started? 

I started it about four years ago – I was a writer for a lifestyle website and I fell into food writing and immediately loved it. Eating NYC was a great outlet to complement the restaurants I was writing about at work. At the time, food Instagram wasn’t such a huge thing – a lot has changed since then! I fell in love with the industry and got a bit more experience in restaurant and chef marketing and PR roles before making the exciting decision a year ago to go full-time with Eating NYC. And it’s been great!


Image credit: Yumi Matsuo Photography

What makes Eating NYC different from other Instagram accounts focusing on food in NYC?

My account is all about showing you the latest and greatest in New York – it’s my duty to be your loyal, trustworthy guide. A lot of my followers are young women in New York, and I’m posting my pictures through a young, female lens. Integrity is really important– I go to restaurants of interest because I want to keep my finger on the pulse, which often means paying for the food and if I like it, I tell my followers about it.

Where’s your fail-safe date night in NYC?

I would always recommend my favorite restaurant in New York – L’Artusi. It’s super cozy, with dim lighting that makes it really romantic. It’s trendy but unpretentious, with great food and service – it really ticks all the boxes. If you go, I recommend the bucatini pasta – it’s the best.


What’s your favorite recent opening in New York?

There’s this restaurant called west~bourne – it’s a California-style café in Soho. It’s really cute inside and all their food is healthy and truly delicious. They have great smoothie bowls, salads and sandwiches and everything is really colorful and vibrant. They’re doing everything you want a restaurant to be doing, and they’re doing it well!


Where do you think you can get the best desserts in the city?

That’s a particularly hard question for me because I absolutely love dessert more than anything. I’ll have to break it down into categories:

For cookies, it’s got to be Levain Bakery (the chocolate whip walnut) or Chip NYC. And for ice cream, definitely Ample Hills (I love the Ooey Gooey Butter Cake) and Milk & Cream Cereal Bar – I love everything on their menu.

Are there any new restaurants you’re excited about that are opening soon?

There’s this amazing restaurant in LA called Gjelina which is supposed to be opening a branch in New York. They’ve been talking about it for a year and it hasn’t come yet, but it’s supposed to be opening two blocks from my apartment. I’m super excited for that and am keeping my eyes peeled!


Best foodie destination in the USA outside of New York?

I’d probably have to say LA. Some of my favorite spots there include: Jon & Vinny’s (get the spicy vodka fusilli and the ‘LA Woman’ burrata pizza), Night+Market (I love the pad see ew), Petite Trois (their burger is so good), Son of a Gun (you’ve got to order the ham and honey butter hush puppy and the linguine & clams with uni).

Who’s your favorite chef?

Definitely Einat Admony. She owns three restaurants in New York – Taim, Balaboosta and Bar Bolonat, and she specializes in Israeli/Mediterranean food. She’s all about authenticity and while she keeps up with the trends, she makes everything how your grandma would make it. She’s also involved in great causes around women in the industry, so she’s inspiring in many ways!

Is there anything new you discovered on a menu recently that we should know about?

There’s this dish that recently came to New York, which is a whole roasted cauliflower. They serve it at Miznon in Chelsea Market, which is an amazing restaurant that’s come over from Tel Aviv. The cauliflower is so simple and delicious, but so good.

Which of your Instagram posts has got the most likes?

My best-performing pictures are normally of pizza, pasta or beautiful images of the city. My followers love food, but they also love a scenic skyline, building or picture of Central Park.

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Feature image credit: Yumi Matsuo Photography; other images courtesy of Eating NYC