The Best Healthy Breakfasts in NYC

If you’re a little like the rest of the world right now, you might have the intention to eat more healthily after all the holidays. And although that doesn’t sound very exciting, this city is packed with virtuous breakfasts that don’t taste like you’d rather give up and have cookies – I promise. So forget your green juices (if we can’t chew it, it’s not breakfast, ok?) and fasting diets, and head straight to these healthy breakfast spots (after you’ve been the gym, of course).

De Maria

I am sure everyone at De Maria does yoga or meditation every morning, and that’s a good thing. You don’t have to be into any of that, but surrounding yourself with those kinds of people will make it impossible for you to choose something unhealthy on the menu. Order the Tiger Bowl with creamy coconut grains, or go for the interesting take on avocado toast with lavender-cured salmon and honey egg.

De Maria, 19 Kenmare Street


Two Hands Restaurant

Step inside this light-filled space with its coastal-inspired interiors and pretend you’re in Australia for a little while. Almost everything on the menu at Two Hands Restaurant (not to be confused with Two Hands Café) is healthy, including passion fruit yogurt with homemade granola, smashed peas on toast, or the more filling ‘Brassicas Bowl’, with charred broccolini, kale and hummus. Oh, and there’s banana bread topped with heavenly espresso mascarpone – it’s gluten-free, so it must be healthy.

Two Hands Restaurant, 251 Church Street



The ancient grains have been given a modern twist at this cozy little café in Greenwich Village, offering oatmeal with an endless selection of sweet and savory toppings. You can either choose one of their signature bowls, such as the Physique 57 bowl with bananas, coconut flakes and dates, or make your own with fruits, nuts and seeds. Just try and stay away from the chocolate chips, marshmallows and graham crackers (yes, s’mores oatmeal is a thing).

Oatmeals, 120 West 3rd Street


Chalk Point Kitchen

Swap your usual avocado toast with one of the many inventive variations at Chalk Point Kitchen, spread with edamame hummus or homemade pistachio butter. The rustic restaurant focuses solely on market-to-table offerings, serving fresh and organic ingredients that often change with the seasons. But luckily, they always offer their healthy take on hashbrowns, replacing potatoes with pan roasted Brussels spouts or roasted sweet potatoes, mingled with red onions and a sweet lemony dressing.

Chalk Point Kitchen, 527 Broome Street, NY


12 Chairs Café

The secret to being healthy and happy is obviously dipping warm pita into pools of hummus and babaganoush to start, before diving into a shakshuka with spicy tomato sauce, eating some falafels along the way. Trust us. You can enjoy all of this at 12 Chairs Café, where it’s obligatory to feast on as many Mediterranean plates as you possibly can.

12 Chairs Café, 56 Macdougal Street; 342 Wythe Avenue


Blake Lane

There aren’t many breakfast spots on the Upper East Side that are worth your time, but Blake Lane definitely is. The menu has an entire section dedicated to bowls, and we all know that anything served in bowls is very good for you. Think spiralized squash with pistachio pesto and feta, salads loaded with veggies, or black rice with sautéed greens. And if you’re experiencing avocado withdrawal symptoms right now, order the charred little gem with a spicy avo dip.

Blake Lane, 1429 3rd Avenue


Egg Shop

While you probably haven’t been to Egg Shop for a healthy breakfast (because bacon, sausages and buttery biscuits), they actually have some great healthy options on the menu. Take the ‘Warrior One’ for example, a bowl with spiced lentils, broccoli and sweet potato, or the ‘Spandex’ with quinoa, carrots and puffed amaranth. You can also add egg whites to any of these dishes. It’s amazing what you find when you’re not blinded by bacon.

Egg Shop, 151 Elizabeth Street; 138 North 8th Street


By Chloe

This fast-casual vegan café is famous for their guacamole burgers and sweet potato fries, but you can also start your morning here with tofu on toast, tortilla wraps and quinoa hash browns. Just in case you didn’t know: if it’s vegan, it’s healthy. So yes, the pancakes with whipped maple butter are healthy, and so are the gigantic cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies. Congrats.

By Chloe, 185 Bleecker Street; 60 West 22nd Street; 240 Lafayette Street; 171 North 3rd Street


The Butcher’s Daughter

It’s easy to trick your carnivorous boyfriend into eating at The Butcher’s Daughter, because he won’t know that the name really stands for vegetable slaughterhouse. The menu is mostly vegetarian, which means you’ll find things like adzuki bean bacon in your omelette, egg sandwiches with cashew cheese and banana walnut pancakes made with almond milk batter. We dare you to pair your breakfast with a shot of wheatgrass or pressed ginger.

The Butcher’s Daughter, 19 Kenmare Street; 581 Hudson Street