Ladybird, New York

8 Perfect Spots For First Dates

“Hey, I know a great little place…” is always a phrase that is guaranteed to go down well on a date. But picking the first date spot can be stressful. You want to choose somewhere awesome, ideally a spot that they’ve never been to before (giving you major social superiority for being ‘in the know’) and, if all else fails, there needs to be insane cocktails to numb the pain of yet ANOTHER Tinder date that has exceptional photoshop skills. Here are our suggestions for some new and awesome spots to help you achieve date night excellence.




Blacktail, New York

Blacktail, Battery Park, New York

If you both work downtown and are looking for a cool little post-work meeting point then Blacktail is your go-to. With a bar headed up by the ex-Dead Rabbit team, you’re not going to be disappointed for drinks options at this prohibition/Cuban-themed spot. Located next to the Hudson River, the venue stands alone and away from other bars and nightlife making you feel like you could be in a completely different part of town. Read more

Zadie’s Oyster Room

Zadie's Oyster Room, New York

Zadie’s Oyster Room, East Village, New York

What better way to ensure the evening goes well than to feed your date an abundance of aphrodisiacs? Zadie’s Oyster Room offers the delicacy in, pretty much, every possible way ever known to man – baked, broiled, steamed, fried, pickled or poached – you can have it all at Zadie’s. The owner of this joint also owns the famous spot, Hearth, so no doubt it’s not going to disappoint. Read more



Westlight, New York

Westlight, Williamsburg, New York

The mother of all date options right now has to be Westlight at the rooftop of The William Vale Hotel. Be sure to come here early as lines do appear at busy times but, once you’re up, a panoramic view of Manhattan awaits you. Come here for their amazing cocktails and, if the date’s going well, stick around to sample some of the delicious global street food-influenced dishes that Chef Andrew Carmellini has put together. Read more


Ladybird, New York

Ladybird, Greenwich Village, New York

This seductive little veggie spot is a sure-fired winner for the health-conscious animal-lover. With a marble-top bar and a space adorned in rich green and gold finishes, Ladybird is a sexy little spot that does a little bit of good for the animals with every dish served (a percentage of the restaurant’s proceeds goes towards the protection against animal cruelty).Read more

Mister Dips

Mister Dips, New York

Mister Dips, Williamsburg, New York

This stand, located inside an Airstream trailer in front of The William Vale Hotel, is for the relaxed and laid back types that don’t give a sh*t about spilling sauce down themselves as they gorge on Andrew Carmellini’s insane burgers. The sweet-toothed can also sample their equally tasty and unique soft serve options like Jacker Crax (with caramel corn and peanuts) or the Hawaii Five-0 (with vanilla, pineapple preserve, and coconut). If all goes well, you could head up to the hotel’s 22nd floor to their new rooftop bar, Westlight (mentioned earlier) and sup on cocktails as you take in some insane views of the Manhattan skyline. Read more

Rouge Tomate

Rouge Tomate, Chelsea, New York

Rouge Tomate, Chelsea, New York

Another healthy spot to add to the list is the newly re-opened Rouge Tomate. The original location had a Michelin star before it closed back in 2014, so we have high hopes for this reincarnation in Chelsea. A great spot for the health-obsessed who still like to have a drink or three. Go for their kale cocktail (with kale cucumber, ginger beer and silver tequila) or the chamomile cocktail (with strawberry syrup, chamomile tea, lemon, club soda and jasmine-infused gin) to pair with your miso-glazed zucchini. Read more

Casa Neta

Casa Neta, Flatiron, New York

Casa Neta, Flatiron, New York

If, like us, you love a side of guacamole with your tequila then Casa Neta, with its 120 different selections of mezcal and tequila is the place for you. This low-lit cosy spot is perfect for achieving that much needed ‘flattering date-night lighting’ and their must-have margaritas are the ultimate ice-breakers and will ensure sufficient inebriation. Sit at the bar and make your way through the endless drinks selection or take a seat and order some of their seriously good tacos to soak your drinks up. Read more.

City Vineyard

CityVineyard, New York

City Vineyard, Tribeca, New York

One for a bit of wow-factor has to be City Vineyard. A glass-encased, 275-seated restaurant sits below a 1,150-square-foot outdoor space that also offers seating in the warmer months. The expansive outdoor area is covered in vine leaves and other natural shrubbery, offering a great setting for a romantic evening watching the Manhattan skyline as it comes alive. While the indoor space, with floor-to-ceiling windows offers great views and a great setting for the colder months of the year. Read more