La Esquina, Midtown, New York

New York’s Top 5 Openings This Week

This week, Brooklyn has had an influx of new openings. From fast-casual spots in Williamsburg to gourmet and gluten-free southern food in Greenpoint, there’s a lot to explore in this part of town plus, there’s a new reason to head to Harlem this weekend. It’s all here:

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Minton's, Harlem, New York

What is it? A jazz and bebop club in Harlem.

Why’s it unmissable? The menu is every bit as unmissable as the music. Think French chicken liver mousse, spiced up with skillet cornbread and a fruit jam of dried dates, cranberries, white raisins and apricots – if you like your jazz with a side of fancy, this is the place for you.

Everything you need to know: Minton’s


Rumble Boxing

rumble, chelsea, new york

What is it? A new take on a boxing class that gives you full-body work out without taking itself too seriously.

Why’s it unmissable? A group fitness class lasts 45-minutes and features 10 rounds of full-body strength training and conditioning, crafted around custom water-filled teardrop shaped punching bags. The music is a customized, Rumble-created mash-up of modern and timeless classics, from Prince to Biggie.

Everything you need to know: Rumble Boxing

Glaze Teriyaki

Glaze Teriyaki, Williamsburg, New York

What is it? A fast-casual, Seattle-style teriyaki spot in Williamsburg.

Why’s it unmissable? Because it wouldn’t be a hip Williamsburg restaurant without hefty gluten-free options, and Glaze Teriyaki also offers a completely separate gluten-free menu.

Everything you need to know: Glaze Teriyaki


What is it? Vietnamese restaurant that has already made its name in Queens, now open in Bushwick.

Why’s it unmissable? As well as the popular and much-loved dishes like banh mi and beef pho, customers can also enjoy a fancy cold-pressed juice bar too.

Everything you need to know: Bunker

Pretty Southern

Pretty Southern, Brooklyn, New York

What is it? A gluten-free Southern food spot in Greenpoint.

Why’s it unmissable? This is heaven for those that want to satisfy their Southern food cravings but don’t want that bloated belly feeling afterwards. Luckily, for those that don’t mind, the menu items can also come with gluten if you prefer!

Everything you need to know: Pretty Southern